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Who we are

Hello, my name is Esther Ferrari Giuliani and I live in the countryside of the city of Bologna, with my husband, my 3 kids and 20 horses. We have a small fruit farm which is family run. My love for the Corgi breed started in 1993 when visiting my aunt in Holland (I am half Dutch), I met these marvelous fairy dogs! It was love at first sight!

My kennel is an amatorial one with the precise intent to promote this marvelous and versatile breed, working both on quality and character, as in Italy, due to the lack of popularity, one tends to exclude the other, which for the breed is a very negative thing, as we get dogs with bad characters but nice to look or viceversa.

All my dogs get welped, live and grow in the household with my kids as playmates, running free in the orchards, till they are ready to go to their new homes.

I am very picky with the sires, because I believe that soundness goes with quality, therefore I always select outstanding dogs for my females, so that the future owners of the pups are proud of their dogs and the dogs are a joy to live with!!

As I am very serious in my breeding and I never do it for profit, I can count on the support of the Welsh Corgi Club of Cumbria (Wales, UK), which is for me an honour as the Club is a very solid breed club of dated experience.!!

In 1994 my first Corgi DESIRHANG AMARIGE arrived unfortunately though she was a FLUFF (long coat out of standard ) I didn’t have the heart to give her away so I neutered her and she is stll living with me at the ripe old age of 14!

As this was the experience with the Italian Corgi breeders I decided to take matters my way and contacted a few serious breeders in England.

With a bit of luck in 1999 RETMARI ENCHANTERSS (BONNY) arrived she is my foundation bitch an even though she is not with me anymore, due to illness, she gave me beautiful pups to live with and be proud of in and out of the show rings that are a credit to the breed!

In 2000 through Margaret (my breeder friend in GB) I was blessed with the arrival of 9 month old WHISTLEWAY JUSTIN THYME (TIMMY) my stud dog a very special boy who is a joy to own and live with.

Luckly timmy and Bonny were mated and gave some exceptional pups before Bonny left this world.

I do not want to annoy you further so I’ll stop here hoping to have satisfied your curiosity on who I am and on my small kennel! Leaving you to roam on the site as you please.

I do want you to know that I am always happy to hear from you so you are most welcome to phone. Or even pop by if you wish to discover this WONDERFULL MAGICAL BREED !!!

Yours Esther