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All dogs should be presented in a clean tidy manner. A bath a few days prior tothe show allows the coat’s “natural oil” to return, howeverit does seem to benorm these days to have coats excessively “blasted” to hide structural faults. Whites should be chalked and then brushed out not leaving any residue as this breaks KC rules as does using manufactured sprays. A corgi’s coat can be groomed quite adequately using just water and a steel comb.


I find it preferable to use a very fine leash as this can be hidden when the dog is being handled on the table in conjunction with a fine choke chain. At no point should the leash be dropped as this could allow your dog to jump and injure itself


The dog should be moved at a “natural” speed i.e. showing the free active movement you wouls expect from a working dog. However, many seem to think that to run around the ring makes the dog look impressive , contrary this usually means that the handler has something to hide and moving at speed camouflages this to an extent so I wouls always ask them to move the dog at a normal speed

Kevin Dover

Belroyd/Pemcader corgis UK

FCI Judge